On Saturday 15 June 2019 one of the main social events in Moscow took place on a Central Moscow Hippodrome - Radio Monte Carlo Horse Races Grand Prix.


Traditionally "BeretkAh...!" took part in the event as its official partner.

Elena Sever - the official person of Grand Prix appeared on a red carpet wearing a sophisticated wide brimmed hat by "BeretkAh...!" . Popular russian singer Natalia Podolskaya chose a refined fascinator hat to accomplish her look.


By tradition an exclusive handmade bonnet by "BeretkAh...!" was raffled off among the guest of the event.

Elena Sever - the official person of Grand Prix wearing "BeretkAh...!"

Singer Natalia Podolskaya wearing "BeretkAh!...!"

"BeretkAh..!" on the event


"BeretkAh!..." prize-giving